A New Look


I love walking up to homes that have wreaths adorning the front door; there is just something that is so delightful seeing them gracing the outside with their beauty.  I knew I wanted a brand that was welcoming and evoked a sense of warmth while still having a touch of elegance so when Krista came to me with the idea of the wreath it fit perfectly.  Krista took the initial drawing, tweaked it (multiple times I might add) and designed the most gorgeous logo.  I feel like it represents me so well and I cannot wait to order new product packaging for client orders!

Krista, thank you so very much!  I am thrilled with the final product.  You are the bee’s knees!


One response to “A New Look”

  1. Krista says:

    Yay I love it and it was so great to work with you!

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