Valentine, Thank You


Roger and I are both very private people.  We do not feel the need to post public announcements on social media promulgating our undying love for one another or make sure that the whole world knows I bought him a Vermont teddy bear for Valentine’s.

All kidding aside though, I am breaking our no PDA pact because Rog has been my single biggest supporter from day one and that deserves a big ole thank you.

I was struggling with decisions about what I wanted (or rather needed) to do with my life.  I always kept coming back to photography but didn’t think that was an acceptable career choice.  When I finally decided what the heck it’s what I love and told Roger I wanted to start my own business in the winter of 2011 he gave me his blessing and told me he would do anything to help me succeed.

I shot for family friends all winter but had zero weddings under my belt. I really wanted to find a mentor who I could learn from but also help (you should always be willing to give before you receive.)  This was no doubt my biggest struggle.  I emailed every person who’s work I loved and got a bunch of big fat “no’s.”  Talk about a blow to one’s ego.  I was down in the dumps for weeks but Rog kept pushing me forward, telling me not give up on my dreams.  I finally found someone willing to take a chance on me (thank you, sweet Sarah!) and we worked together for all of the 2012 wedding season.

Here it is almost the spring of 2013 and I have assisted and second shot FOURTEEN weddings.  FOURTEEN.  And I have two more this weekend!  I could not have fathomed this in my wildest dreams.

I won’t say it’s easy starting a business because it is far from it.  It takes a lot of discipline, hard work,  and a lot of money.  I am so beyond thankful for everything Rog has poured into my business.  He has supported both of us on his income for the last year, given any extra dime we had to go towards camera gear, business insurance, etc., helped me sift through logo designs, and many other random things that come with owning a business.

I know that I get caught up in life too often and sometimes forget to say thank you or tell him I appreciate all he does but I would not have come this far without his help.  He is the one person who gives me a swift kick in the pants when it’s needed and for that I am thankful.


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