The Story of Our Couch Friends


In honor of my trip to Utah to visit my best friend Brit I wanted to share the random and slightly crazy story of how we met… through Craigslist.

In the summer of 2011 Rog and I listed our couch on Craigslist after I decided I was sick of it and wanted something new.  It had been our free Craigslist couch we had picked up right after we moved in together so we figured we’d pass it on.  Within an hour of posting it I had an email from a lady named Brit saying she and her family had just moved to the area, they were interested in the couch, and could pick it up ASAP.  We emailed back and forth to coordinate times and I learned through that correspondence she was expecting and they lived in an apartment on the 9th floor of their building.

Her husband Dave came that afternoon to pick up the couch and Rog helped him get it loaded up in their minivan.  About five minutes after he left I looked at Rog and asked him how the heck they were going to get that couch up nine flights since Brit was pregnant and they didn’t know anyone here?!  I didn’t care how far away they were I wanted to help them move the couch (or rather volunteer Rog to help.)  I called the number Brit had given me and we offered to come help them move the couch.  She was ecstatic, gave us their address, and we headed over.

It turned out they only lived a little over a mile down the road so we made it in no time.  Dave walked us up to the apartment so Rog could see where they had to go with the couch and I ended up staying and hanging out with Brit while the guys headed down to get it.  Brit and I sat around laughing and chatting while the guys maneuvered the couch up and through their tiny hallway into their apartment.

After that day we all started hanging out quite a bit.  We went to Great Falls, swing dancing at Glen Echo, shared countless meals and movie nights together, Rog and I babysat their girls, and just generally had a lot of fun and enjoyed hanging out.  This past spring, they packed up and headed on another adventure to Saudi Arabia.  I miss them dearly but I am so blessed it worked out that I am able to fly out to visit her and the girls while they are in Utah.  I cannot wait and am excited to have lots of photos to post when I get back!


Brit with Kaelyn at her blessing.

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