Utah: The Rest


I had every intention of blogging everyday while I was in Utah but that idea was quickly squashed after the first post.  I was having too much fun hanging out, running errands, and exploring St. George which is absolutely gorgeous.  We spent a lot of time picking up necessities for the new baby but also took some time to visit the sites.  We visited Snow Canyon, went to an adorable cupcake shop, and rode the St. George carousel.  All in all it was a wonderful week albeit short.  I miss these girls dearly and wish they weren’t so far away.

UtahAtHome-17 UtahOutandAbout-3 UtahOutandAbout-15 UtahOutandAbout-17

The “stop eating my cupcake!” face UtahOutandAbout-25 UtahOutandAbout-34 UtahOutandAbout-40 UtahOutandAbout-42 UtahOutandAbout-51 UtahOutandAbout-53 UtahOutandAbout-56

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