The Smith Family

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Rachel and Rick are a wonderfully sweet couple and parents to five (soon to be six!) children.  I first met the Smiths in March when I went out to Utah to visit my best  friend.  They graciously opened their home and welcomed me having never met me before.  I really wanted to do a session with them but Rick was under the weather from a recent surgery so it didn’t happen.  At that point I had no idea I would be going back but once I had booked my second trip I knew that no matter what I would be doing a session with them.  The second night I was there we piled into two cars and headed over to Snow Canyon.  We did a few family shots then I wanted to get some of just Rachel and Rick.  Rick is a funny guy.  He is definitely a family man but as soon as I mentioned him touching Rachel’s belly he started making faces.  We were all doubled over with laughter and ended the night on a great note.  Rachel and Rick, thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives.  I am so grateful and thankful to have become friends with you.

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