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Elizabeth and Stephen are the sweetest couple I’ve photographed to date.  She is outgoing and chatty, he is quiet and reserved.  Opposite but the same in so many ways, both are the absolute nicest, most gracious people you will ever meet.

Throughout our evening session it was so apparent how much these two love one another and how excited they were to welcome their little girl!  Before the session, I told them if they had anything they wanted to bring to feel free.  They showed up with the cutest book about a pig named Olivia (also the name they chose for their sweet new babe.)  The name was under wraps and they told only a handful of people so this was such a fun memory to create for them!

I am excited to share these and even more excited to meet Olivia in just a few days! 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-6 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-32 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-14 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-18 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-28 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-25

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  1. Without a doubt. the most beautiful pictures of my niece E’Beth and her wonderful hubby! Hope they bring Olivia to you to be photographed.

  2. heidi says:

    These are so beautiful. They have a sense of calm about them as well. Thanks for sharing these with me.

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