House Update


I’ve been meaning to blog about our house for sometime now.  We bought our first place in November and I thought it wouldn’t take us that long to have it nice so I could photograph it with furniture, paint, and decor all done.  Not so much.  We have the downstairs painted and have dining room furniture but our upstairs sits unpainted and our living room has one couch and a cedar chest in it.  I did manage to get a dining table and chairs when we moved in so that room is somewhat presentable. We knew we wanted to get the front yard presentable as it was kind of overgrown when we moved in so that took priority.  My mom is awesome and she came to help me rip out the whole front flower bed and get the weeds in the yard under control.  Then Roger and I built a retaining wall and my mom helped me plant some Andromeda.

We had every intention of getting the living room done but Mother Nature had other ideas.  When we had a ton of rain earlier this summer our basement flooded so ended up ripping everything out and it’s down to bare walls.  We had asbestos flooring so we had specialists come in and remove that.  Luckily it was confined to the family room which is really small.  That meant the couch which was supposed to go down there is still sitting upstairs so there isn’t room for the furniture we picked out.  The rug we bought is in our spare bedroom still rolled up.  Hopefully *fingers crossed* it will be ready by Thanksgiving so I can decorate for Christmas!

Aside from the major stuff we’ve been cleaning out, making lots of trips to the dump, hanging blinds, painting the ceiling, and hanging lights on the deck.  My mom also helped me clean and seal our deck a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes it seems like absolutely nothing is getting done then I go back and look at where we started and we’re definitely making progress.

I pulled some photos from my phone to document our progress!

IMG_2172 IMG_2170 IMG_2167 IMG_2174 IMG_2179 IMG_2176

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