Film: A Journey

Film, Personal

My love of photography began with an old Canon T-70 and Tri-X film (black and white.)  It was so fun to take photos then process and print my own work.  There was just something about it that I adored.  When I got into weddings I went digital and never looked back.  It just seemed easier and really, I thought that was what you were supposed to do.  I haven’t touched film in years.  Until recently.  Many amazing photographers have gone back to film and it is just absolutely gorgeous.  (Not to say digital photos aren’t.  I still plan to shoot all weddings in digital for now.)  I decided to pick up a film camera, a light meter, and a few rolls of film a few weeks back and see what came of it.  Turns out, I still really love shooting film.  I plan to keep this a personal project for now but will be blogging about it every now and then so feel free to follow along as I experiment with a format that, it turns out, I never fell out of love with.

FirstRoll FirstRoll-2 FirstRoll-3 FirstRoll-5 FirstRoll-8 FirstRoll-9

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