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The first of September Rog and I went to Grenada for our honeymoon.  Grenada is one of the southern most Caribbean islands just off the coast of Venezuela and is most well known to Americans for the invasion in the 80’s.  We had an amazing time exploring the island in our little red Suzuki and drinking in the culture.  We stayed at a cute, private cottage north of St. George called Mango Bay Cottages and it was heaven.  Everyone was so nice and the fresh mango lime juice is pretty much to die for.  I just can’t even put into words how beautiful it is there so enjoy looking at some photos from our trip.  If you’re interested in getting married in Grenada, I’d love to go back so send me an email!


Our wonderful hosts!

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Cannons at Fort George.


View of the city from Fort George.

Sept2013_Grenada_Film-33 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-57

Sendall Tunnel built by the French in the late 1800’s.  Still used today by cars and pedestrians.

Sept2013_Grenada_Film-45 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-44 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-11

Church of England.


The Carenage.  Loved all the boats and colorful houses on the surrounding hills.

Sept2013_Grenada_Film-42 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-43 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-13 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-14 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-7 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-47 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-48 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-54 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-39 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-62 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-41 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-37 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-10 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-51

4 responses to “Grenada On Film”

  1. Britton Jenkins says:

    Such amazing photos – you should be a travel photographer, these pictures make me feel like I’ve been there – so well done! What an adventure!

  2. These photos are stunning!!! Love film!

    • Meghan says:

      Ahhh thank you so much! I’ve never been happier with my work. I’m seriously debating switching to all film within the next year.

  3. Teresa Beaird says:

    Are you the new official travel photographer for Grenada? These images make me want to travel now!

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