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A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and move back to film.  I was feeling burnt out and not really loving what I was capturing so I bought a Pentax and some film and just started shooting.  It was as if a light bulb came on.  I was suddenly loving what I was getting and I couldn’t stop.  I also felt like I was becoming a better photographer; I could only take ten shots per roll vs. the nine hundred I got on a 16gb card in my digital so I really wanted to make them count.

After familiarizing myself with my new camera and putting a few rolls through it I knew I wanted to shoot a session with a couple so I emailed Travis and Rachel to see if they would be interested in modeling for me.  Luckily for me they were more than willing so we set up a date to go to Great Falls.  Unfortunately the government shutdown happened the week of our scheduled shoot so we postponed.  As luck would have it our back up date got rained out so we had to reschedule again.  Finally we were able to get together this past Saturday and it was nothing short of amazing.

Travis and I went to high school together and has always been a really caring person with a huge heart so it was no surprise that he chose an equally caring and amazingly sweet partner in Rachel.  The love and tenderness they have for one another is beautiful and real and it was such a joy spending the morning with them.  These are my favorite images to date, not because they are technically perfect (they aren’t) but because I feel like I captured the essence of who they are together and I LOVE that!  This right here is what makes me tick as an artist and why I do what I do.

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6 responses to “Travis + Rachel | Alexandria VA Portrait Photographer”

  1. Meghan, these are stunning. I’m totally inspired.

  2. Cat Siler says:

    This is so perfect. Good for you going back to the basics. Film has such great qualities that we sometimes forget when shooting digital. Great work! Congratulations Rachel and Travis

  3. Travis Hammill says:

    Rachel and I are seriously in love with these photos… Thanks so much!!!

  4. Ahna says:

    Meghan, you did such a wonderful job with these. They’re gorgeous and IN FILM WTF?! I’m very impressed that you got such spot-on shots with a limited number of exposures to work with. Rach and Travis y’all were great models!

  5. Teresa Beaird says:


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