The Birth of Charlotte Elizabeth | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer


A week before her due date Katie emailed me to let me know she’d been having contractions.  Everyone was hopeful that baby girl would show her face sooner rather than later but she had other plans.  Her due date came and went and it was finally induction day.  Katie met her midwives at NOVA Natural Birth Center and I patiently waited at home until labor had started.  Katie’s first labor was almost a full day so she expected this one to be fairly long as well.  When Rich called me at 11:30 PM Sunday night to tell me it was time I bolted out of bed and hit the door running.

When I walked into Katie’s room I was hit with such a sense of peace.  There were no bright lights beating down on the bed and no medical personnel coming in and out constantly.  One lamp and a few candles lit the room and the pleasant aroma of essential oils lingered in the air.  Katie was laboring in the tub with her husband and midwives by her side.  Her mom quietly sat on the sofa across the room taking everything in.  Charlotte entered the world a short time later into the arms of her mama.

Congratulations, Katie and Rich!

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  1. Such amazing work! I am a former mommy of NOVA Natural Birth Center and also a fellow photographer. You did such an amazing job capturing this for them! I will definitely keep you in mind for our next birth. Just beautiful!

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