The Birth of Penelope | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer


Back in August I had the privilege of photographing this sweet, peaceful home birth.  Alyson texted me a little after dinner that she thought she was in labor and the midwives and doula were on their way.  I grabbed my gear and headed out the door.  By the time I arrived Alyson was in good spirits but contractions had seemed to die down.  Since most of us lived a good distance we decided to give her some space, hang out downstairs, and see what happened.  Not an hour passed and the contractions came on stronger and labor had officially started.  Throughout the entire process there was a calm that seemed to permeate the birthing space.  Alyson swayed and rocked with each surge and slowly breathed her baby girl down.  She had an amazing support team in her mom, husband, midwife Peggy, doula Cortney, and student midwife Brittany.  Labor was swift and only a few short hours later Penelope made her entrance into the world.

2014-12-15_0001 2014-12-15_0002 2014-12-15_0003 2014-12-15_0004 2014-12-15_0005 2014-12-15_0006 2014-12-15_0007 2014-12-15_0009 2014-12-15_0010 2014-12-15_0012 2014-12-15_0016 2014-12-15_0017 2014-12-15_0022 2014-12-15_0023 2014-12-15_0018 2014-12-15_0020 2014-12-15_0024

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