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When we found out we were pregnant I was pretty adamant that I did not want to have maternity photos taken.  I love doing them for my clients and think they’re really special but I just knew I would not be comfortable with my huge belly in front of the camera.  The further along we got though I started having doubts, wondering if I would regret not having photos to capture this time.  We had booked a short vacation to Florida so I decided to look up photographers there just to see.  I stumbled across a posting by Chelsi in a Facebook group we were both in and clicked over to her website.  I was hooked.  I sent the link to Rog and we decided to go ahead and have them taken, even if they ended up being just for us.  It was seriously the best decision we made.  Chelsi and Justin are the sweetest and made us feel completely at ease and the photos are more beautiful than I could have imagined.  They really captured us and I know we will treasure these moments for years to come.

Here’s just a few photos from our session by Chelsi and Justin of J. Layne Photography.
A special thanks to Amanda at Mon Petit Chou Spa & Salon as well for giving me perfect hair and makeup and making me feel gorgeous.

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