The Birth of Annika | Washington DC Birth Photographer


When Linnea first confided in me that she and Jeff were expecting I was floored.  I was pregnant with my first and had emailed her about doing newborn photos for us so being in the thick of it made me that much more excited to be able to share in this special time with them.  Throughout the final months of our pregnancies we emailed pretty frequently and I was counting down to her due date as the weeks flew by.

The birth of darling Annika was one of the sweetest moments I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.  Jeff and Linnea have such a beautiful connection with one another and he was completely in tune with her needs throughout the entire process.  I feel so lucky that they allowed me into their space to capture the tender moments, smiles, and whispers of anticipation as they welcomed their little girl.

LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto1 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto2 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto3 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto4 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto5 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto6 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto7 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto8 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto9 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto10 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto11 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto12 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto13 LJBirth_MeghanHalePhoto14


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