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Magnus’ Newborn Session | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer


2.5 years ago in this same spot I had the privilege of photographing Magnus’ big sister O’s newborn session.  I love watching families grow and seeing the babies I take photos of become little people with big personalities so it’s always an honor to be invited back.  This session was especially fun because it was for my best friend and had a little bit of everything I love: family, babies, siblings, and breastfeeding.  What more could I ask for?

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Magnus’ Birthday | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer


When most moms-to-call me I drop everything to run to the hospital.  Not this time.  This time was special.  When Elizabeth texted to let me know to come I hopped in my car and drove to her house.  Upon arrival I found her, Stephen, and Olivia out front planting mums and enjoying their last few moments as a family of three.  We spent some time hanging out as she breathed through contractions before it was time for her and S to head to the hospital.

I stayed behind with Olivia to keep her company until it was time to go meet her little brother.  It wasn’t that long after that I got the text that he was finally here.  Magnus had arrived!  We loaded up my car and drove to reunite her with her Ma, Pa, and newest family member.  Seeing Elizabeth with her two babies so special.  This moment and those like it are fleeting, over in the blink of an eye.  Being there to capture it for her was really special and not a day I will soon forget.

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The Home Birth of Stella Maris | Northern VA Birth Photographer


I’ve said it before but the strength of women as they bring new life into the world just astounds me and this mama was no exception.  Clare emailed to see if I could attend her birth as her husband was not be able to be present due to work.  She temporarily moved herself and her daughters to her parent’s house and planned a home birth in the small garage apartment they shared.  She did what she had to without complaint in order to have the support she needed to take care of her family during a time of transition.  Her birth was swift, powerful, and amazing.  In just four short hours with contractions coming one on top of the other baby Stella came Earth side (barely giving the midwife, birth assistant, and myself time to get there).  I so loved being present to witness the love this family shared for their newest addition, especially the reactions of big sisters when they first saw her.

Thanks to midwife Hilary with BirthCare, birth assistant Marilyn with Birth Partners, and Dr. Andrino of Chirogroup for being such an amazing team!

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The Birth of Annika | Washington DC Birth Photographer


When Linnea first confided in me that she and Jeff were expecting I was floored.  I was pregnant with my first and had emailed her about doing newborn photos for us so being in the thick of it made me that much more excited to be able to share in this special time with them.  Throughout the final months of our pregnancies we emailed pretty frequently and I was counting down to her due date as the weeks flew by.

The birth of darling Annika was one of the sweetest moments I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.  Jeff and Linnea have such a beautiful connection with one another and he was completely in tune with her needs throughout the entire process.  I feel so lucky that they allowed me into their space to capture the tender moments, smiles, and whispers of anticipation as they welcomed their little girl.

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