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Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably seen this but I wanted to share here as well!  Rog and I are excited to announce that we are expecting our own little munchkin at the end of January!

So what does this mean for my photography business?  I am still accepting birth clients who are due through the second week of  November and portrait clients through Thanksgiving.  After that time I will be taking a break from shooting to get photos edited and delivered before our little one’s arrival.  I will still be checking emails a couple of times a week while on leave so if you are due April 1 or after or are interested in a springtime portrait session please don’t hesitate to reach out.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, we do plan to have our birth documented.  🙂 2014-07-16_0001

The Birth of Charlotte Elizabeth | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer


A week before her due date Katie emailed me to let me know she’d been having contractions.  Everyone was hopeful that baby girl would show her face sooner rather than later but she had other plans.  Her due date came and went and it was finally induction day.  Katie met her midwives at NOVA Natural Birth Center and I patiently waited at home until labor had started.  Katie’s first labor was almost a full day so she expected this one to be fairly long as well.  When Rich called me at 11:30 PM Sunday night to tell me it was time I bolted out of bed and hit the door running.

When I walked into Katie’s room I was hit with such a sense of peace.  There were no bright lights beating down on the bed and no medical personnel coming in and out constantly.  One lamp and a few candles lit the room and the pleasant aroma of essential oils lingered in the air.  Katie was laboring in the tub with her husband and midwives by her side.  Her mom quietly sat on the sofa across the room taking everything in.  Charlotte entered the world a short time later into the arms of her mama.

Congratulations, Katie and Rich!

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Fleeting Moments


It’s true what they say about time, blink and you’ll miss it (or something like that.)  It seems like just yesterday Rog and I got married; I remember thinking “don’t trip, don’t trip” over and over as I maneuvered over tree roots to get down to the water’s edge where he was waiting for me.  It seems like just yesterday we moved into our tiny two bedroom condo with the spotty AC unit that we spent two wonderful years in.  Yesterdays are filled with countless walks hand in hand, date nights long forgotten, and late nights binge watching movies and stuffing our faces with fresh popcorn.

Every moment, a distant memory.

Few pictures remain; many have been lost.  Those that do are cherished reminders of a time not that long ago but that tell our story.  The story of where we came from and where we have yet to go.  Fleeting moments in the life of two people who fell in love that want to remember the mundane, not so important days just as much as the big ones.

all photos taken by the most lovely Julie Massie.

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The Birth of Madelyn Skye | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer


Going into birth photography I kind of always expected that I’d be getting called at all hours of the night so hearing from Britney at 7 AM to tell me she was at the hospital was quite the surprise.  I told her I would shower then head right over.  Not five minutes later her friend Jennifer calls me to tell me that she’s already at a 10 and how soon can I get there?  The next five minutes were literally a daze; I managed to scrounge up some clean clothes, thrown a headband and shoes, grab my gear and go without thinking twice.

I raced to the hospital fully expecting to walk into a room with a new family of three but baby girl was taking her sweet time joining her anxious parents.  For almost three hours mama pushed with every ounce of strength she had and finally sweet Madelyn made her debut on her due date.  John and Brit, thank you for letting me share such a special moment with your family and congratulations on the birth of your precious little one.

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Kelsey + Aaron | Military Homecoming

Couples, military homecoming

Kelsey and Aaron are both in the Navy and were stationed together before Kelsey moved here earlier this year leaving Aaron behind in California.  Aaron just got back from an extended deployment and was coming to spend time with Kelsey and family for the holidays.  Needless to say, Kelsey was absolutely giddy with excitement when we met up at the airport that morning.  We chatted off and on but mostly we just stood, waiting.

I knew Aaron would be flying in uniform but I didn’t even see him before I knew he was there.  The look of anticipation on Kelsey’s face changed to pure happiness then tears as he came through security and the sign she had been holding quickly fell to the floor as she ran to embrace him.  The day they had both been counting down to was finally here.

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