The Birth of Arwen Lucy | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer

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Life always has a way of surprising us when we least expect it.  For those that follow my blog you know that I have been working on moving my business more towards birth story photography for a couple of months now.  I’ve had lots of interest and even booked a couple of births.  This was not one of them.

I was on call over Christmas for another photographer who had to go out of town.  All week I carried my gear expecting the call but nothing.  The night she was supposed to get back Rog and I went to dinner with some friends.  Right after we ordered I got the call; it turns out the other photographer missed her connection and I was headed to shoot my first birth story.

There really is nothing more beautiful then the strength of a mama giving birth to a new life as her partner lovingly holds her hand and cheers her on.  This was their fourth baby and was more quiet and peaceful than I could have ever imagined.  As little Arwen took her first breaths, she was put on her mama’s chest as her proud dad placed a tender kiss on mama’s forehead.  Her first hour was consumed with snuggles and nursing with mama and later she got her first bath and was held by her daddy for the first time.

I told a friend that I got to shoot my first birth story and they asked me if birth was really beautiful like people say it is and without hesitation I had to say yes.  There is nothing more special than witnessing a new life coming into the world.  Congratulations, Heather and Darryl and thank you for trusting me enough to share in such a joyous occasion.

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D Family | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

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I love family sessions like this one.  A few posed portraits but mostly just capturing a family outing filled with giggles and fun.

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Happy New Year!


Where did 2013 go?!  I am thankful for each and every one of you who helped make this past year truly great.  2014 is already shaping up to be an adventure; here’s a little peak at what’s coming up!

1.  Going back to school.  That’s right, I actually signed up and paid for a class.  I’m excited to start the last two years I need to get my Bachelors.

2.  Capturing what I love.  I love photographing everything so sometimes I feel like I can take on more than what’s actually possible.  Because I will be in class I know I need to pass on more referrals and shoot only what I 100% love.  I wasn’t expecting to shoot my first birth until next month but was on back up for a friend and ended up getting the call.  Being present at a birth and capturing such precious moments filled me with such joy that I know 100% this is what I am supposed to be doing.  That means I won’t be taking any weddings for 2014.

3.  Shooting more film.  I picked up film for the first time in six years this past summer and fell back in love.  My first portrait session on film happened this winter and is one of my favorites.  The colors and tones were perfect and I felt so much more alive shooting it (that sounds cheesy but it’s true.)  I really slowed down and got more usable shots because of it.  My goal for this year is to incorporate more film into portraits and eventually switch over completely (hopefully by summer.)

And of course a post isn’t complete without a photo so here’s a sneak peek from the first birth story I had the honor of capturing.


Bill + Tom | Alexandria, VA Portrait Photographer

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The morning I met up with Bill and Tom in Old Town was filled with gorgeous light from the sun peaking over the horizon and was also one of the coldest we’ve had this year.  They were total troopers though and as we wandered the deserted streets I couldn’t help but smile every time they interacted whether it was a silly joke or a sweet embrace.  They have such an amazing and enduring love and it’s clear that they are each other’s perfect match.  2013-12-04_0002 2013-12-04_0009 2013-12-04_0008 2013-12-04_0015 2013-12-04_0014 2013-12-04_0006 2013-12-04_0013 2013-12-04_0005 2013-12-04_0010 2013-12-04_0007

Travis + Rachel | Alexandria VA Portrait Photographer

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A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and move back to film.  I was feeling burnt out and not really loving what I was capturing so I bought a Pentax and some film and just started shooting.  It was as if a light bulb came on.  I was suddenly loving what I was getting and I couldn’t stop.  I also felt like I was becoming a better photographer; I could only take ten shots per roll vs. the nine hundred I got on a 16gb card in my digital so I really wanted to make them count.

After familiarizing myself with my new camera and putting a few rolls through it I knew I wanted to shoot a session with a couple so I emailed Travis and Rachel to see if they would be interested in modeling for me.  Luckily for me they were more than willing so we set up a date to go to Great Falls.  Unfortunately the government shutdown happened the week of our scheduled shoot so we postponed.  As luck would have it our back up date got rained out so we had to reschedule again.  Finally we were able to get together this past Saturday and it was nothing short of amazing.

Travis and I went to high school together and has always been a really caring person with a huge heart so it was no surprise that he chose an equally caring and amazingly sweet partner in Rachel.  The love and tenderness they have for one another is beautiful and real and it was such a joy spending the morning with them.  These are my favorite images to date, not because they are technically perfect (they aren’t) but because I feel like I captured the essence of who they are together and I LOVE that!  This right here is what makes me tick as an artist and why I do what I do.

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