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Bailey’s dad was Rog’s boss and over the years he and his family have become great friends so I was excited when they asked me to shoot senior portraits for Bailey.  We met in Old Town on a chilly Monday afternoon and it couldn’t have been prettier or more fun.  Congrats, Bailey!  Can’t wait see what’s in store for you next year!

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Featured | Entouriste | Grenada

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So beyond thrilled to have our recent trip to Grenada featured on Entouriste today!  I’ve had the travel bug for quite some time and love looking at all the gorgeous imagery from around the world on their blog.  Here’s a sneak peek but be sure to visit Entouriste for the full story!

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Birth | My Why

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A few days ago I  was talking to someone about how much I wanted to shoot more births and they asked what my interest was considering the fact I have not birthed a child nor am I a mother.  It took me aback because normally if one person thinks it others are as well.  It inspired me to share more of my why for wanting to get into birth photography.

The short answer: I believe every moment in life is worth capturing and the birth of a child is up there in importance with weddings (at least in my book.)

The long answer: When I first got into photography I was all about weddings. Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of one’s life.  They’re filled with gorgeous dresses, perfect details, and of course the happy couple.  If you ask a new photographer what they want to specialize in many times they will say weddings.  However, as I shot more weddings I realized I wasn’t connected to portraits or the details.  Of course they were beautiful but it was the genuine human interactions between the bride and her father when he first saw her or the grandparents who have been married for fifty years dancing to the last song that really got me.

When I was still new to the industry I used to look at a lot of other photographer’s blogs.  One of my favorites was Arden Prucha; I would spend hours reading her tutorials and looking at her images.  One day I came across this post of her own birth shot by a friend.  I was so blown away by the beauty in the images.  You can see the love and tenderness her husband has for her, the pure joy of bringing a new baby into the world.  THIS is beautiful and real.

For me, birth is not something to be feared but something to be celebrated.  It is a celebration of new life and a growing family.  It is the celebration of a woman’s strength to bring new life into the world.  We document the joining of two people who come together to make a new family so why not document the moment you first hold your new baby in your arms?

I have sat on the desire to shoot births for a year and a half now.  I’m not sure where this will lead but the desire is not going anywhere and more than ever I want to document these moments for families so they have them to look back on and cherish forever.

If you are interested in having your birth story documented please feel free to reach out.  I would love to hear from you!


D Family Sneak Peek | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer


If you follow my blog you will probably recognize this sweet couple and their darling little girl.  I first photographed Matt and Kristen’s wedding last November followed shortly by baby H’s newborn photos.  I adore them dearly and was so glad when they asked me to take their family photos.  Matt wasn’t able to be present for H’s newborn session but I think this adorable photo makes up for it.  Stay tuned for more to come!

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Grenada On Film

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The first of September Rog and I went to Grenada for our honeymoon.  Grenada is one of the southern most Caribbean islands just off the coast of Venezuela and is most well known to Americans for the invasion in the 80’s.  We had an amazing time exploring the island in our little red Suzuki and drinking in the culture.  We stayed at a cute, private cottage north of St. George called Mango Bay Cottages and it was heaven.  Everyone was so nice and the fresh mango lime juice is pretty much to die for.  I just can’t even put into words how beautiful it is there so enjoy looking at some photos from our trip.  If you’re interested in getting married in Grenada, I’d love to go back so send me an email!


Our wonderful hosts!

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Cannons at Fort George.


View of the city from Fort George.

Sept2013_Grenada_Film-33 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-57

Sendall Tunnel built by the French in the late 1800’s.  Still used today by cars and pedestrians.

Sept2013_Grenada_Film-45 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-44 Sept2013_Grenada_Film-11

Church of England.


The Carenage.  Loved all the boats and colorful houses on the surrounding hills.

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