Allie & Barrett | D.C. Wedding


This year I have the privilege of second shooting and working for Astrid of Astrid Photography.  One of the first weddings of the year was a Allie & Barrett’s true D.C. affair; from the beautiful venue at Top of the Hay overlooking the White House to the gorgeous cherry blossom centerpieces, every detail was absolutely perfect.  It was a beautiful day and Allie and Barrett could not have been more in love. Allie_Barrett_Wedding-50 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-62 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-64 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-70 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-78 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-36 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-33 Allie_Barrett_Wedding-80

Elizabeth & Stephen | Alexandria Maternity Photographer

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Elizabeth and Stephen are the sweetest couple I’ve photographed to date.  She is outgoing and chatty, he is quiet and reserved.  Opposite but the same in so many ways, both are the absolute nicest, most gracious people you will ever meet.

Throughout our evening session it was so apparent how much these two love one another and how excited they were to welcome their little girl!  Before the session, I told them if they had anything they wanted to bring to feel free.  They showed up with the cutest book about a pig named Olivia (also the name they chose for their sweet new babe.)  The name was under wraps and they told only a handful of people so this was such a fun memory to create for them!

I am excited to share these and even more excited to meet Olivia in just a few days! 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-6 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-32 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-14 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-18 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-28 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-25

Josh Headshots | Alexandria Portrait Photographer


Josh is a dear friend who I met through Roger 3.5 years ago.  They were stationed together in the Army and Josh just moved back to the area after getting out of the service and coming back from Korea.  We’ve all done life; we’ve celebrated and mourned together, shared countless drinks and meals, and of course laughter.  Good friends are few and far between and I am thankful to call this guy friend.

0502113_Dalton_Portrait-47 0502113_Dalton_Portrait-8 0502113_Dalton_Portrait_Edit 0502113_Dalton_Portrait-20
Just for fun he decided to run through the fountain on King St.


The Jenkins Family

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I wrote about how I first met the Jenkins here  so I won’t go into detail but to say that they have been there since I started my business and have been some of the most sweet and supportive friends. They’ve been on the blog quite a lot over the last month because I made two trips to visit while they were visiting from overseas. I am glad I was able to make a second trip and capture their first memories as a family of six as well as of just Dave and Brit who came together and made this adorable family. I love them dearly and only wish they didn’t live on the other side of the world!

JenkinsFam-10 JenkinsFam-20 JenkinsFam-26

The Smith Family

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Rachel and Rick are a wonderfully sweet couple and parents to five (soon to be six!) children.  I first met the Smiths in March when I went out to Utah to visit my best  friend.  They graciously opened their home and welcomed me having never met me before.  I really wanted to do a session with them but Rick was under the weather from a recent surgery so it didn’t happen.  At that point I had no idea I would be going back but once I had booked my second trip I knew that no matter what I would be doing a session with them.  The second night I was there we piled into two cars and headed over to Snow Canyon.  We did a few family shots then I wanted to get some of just Rachel and Rick.  Rick is a funny guy.  He is definitely a family man but as soon as I mentioned him touching Rachel’s belly he started making faces.  We were all doubled over with laughter and ended the night on a great note.  Rachel and Rick, thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives.  I am so grateful and thankful to have become friends with you.

SmithFam SmithFam-62 SmithFam-45 SmithFam-47 SmithFam-41