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Kelsey + Aaron | Military Homecoming

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Kelsey and Aaron are both in the Navy and were stationed together before Kelsey moved here earlier this year leaving Aaron behind in California.  Aaron just got back from an extended deployment and was coming to spend time with Kelsey and family for the holidays.  Needless to say, Kelsey was absolutely giddy with excitement when we met up at the airport that morning.  We chatted off and on but mostly we just stood, waiting.

I knew Aaron would be flying in uniform but I didn’t even see him before I knew he was there.  The look of anticipation on Kelsey’s face changed to pure happiness then tears as he came through security and the sign she had been holding quickly fell to the floor as she ran to embrace him.  The day they had both been counting down to was finally here.

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Bill + Tom | Alexandria, VA Portrait Photographer

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The morning I met up with Bill and Tom in Old Town was filled with gorgeous light from the sun peaking over the horizon and was also one of the coldest we’ve had this year.  They were total troopers though and as we wandered the deserted streets I couldn’t help but smile every time they interacted whether it was a silly joke or a sweet embrace.  They have such an amazing and enduring love and it’s clear that they are each other’s perfect match.  2013-12-04_0002 2013-12-04_0009 2013-12-04_0008 2013-12-04_0015 2013-12-04_0014 2013-12-04_0006 2013-12-04_0013 2013-12-04_0005 2013-12-04_0010 2013-12-04_0007

Travis + Rachel | Alexandria VA Portrait Photographer

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A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and move back to film.  I was feeling burnt out and not really loving what I was capturing so I bought a Pentax and some film and just started shooting.  It was as if a light bulb came on.  I was suddenly loving what I was getting and I couldn’t stop.  I also felt like I was becoming a better photographer; I could only take ten shots per roll vs. the nine hundred I got on a 16gb card in my digital so I really wanted to make them count.

After familiarizing myself with my new camera and putting a few rolls through it I knew I wanted to shoot a session with a couple so I emailed Travis and Rachel to see if they would be interested in modeling for me.  Luckily for me they were more than willing so we set up a date to go to Great Falls.  Unfortunately the government shutdown happened the week of our scheduled shoot so we postponed.  As luck would have it our back up date got rained out so we had to reschedule again.  Finally we were able to get together this past Saturday and it was nothing short of amazing.

Travis and I went to high school together and has always been a really caring person with a huge heart so it was no surprise that he chose an equally caring and amazingly sweet partner in Rachel.  The love and tenderness they have for one another is beautiful and real and it was such a joy spending the morning with them.  These are my favorite images to date, not because they are technically perfect (they aren’t) but because I feel like I captured the essence of who they are together and I LOVE that!  This right here is what makes me tick as an artist and why I do what I do.

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Elizabeth & Stephen | Alexandria Maternity Photographer

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Elizabeth and Stephen are the sweetest couple I’ve photographed to date.  She is outgoing and chatty, he is quiet and reserved.  Opposite but the same in so many ways, both are the absolute nicest, most gracious people you will ever meet.

Throughout our evening session it was so apparent how much these two love one another and how excited they were to welcome their little girl!  Before the session, I told them if they had anything they wanted to bring to feel free.  They showed up with the cutest book about a pig named Olivia (also the name they chose for their sweet new babe.)  The name was under wraps and they told only a handful of people so this was such a fun memory to create for them!

I am excited to share these and even more excited to meet Olivia in just a few days! 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-6 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-32 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-14 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-18 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-28 050513_Wisnieski_Maternity-25

The Jenkins Family

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I wrote about how I first met the Jenkins here  so I won’t go into detail but to say that they have been there since I started my business and have been some of the most sweet and supportive friends. They’ve been on the blog quite a lot over the last month because I made two trips to visit while they were visiting from overseas. I am glad I was able to make a second trip and capture their first memories as a family of six as well as of just Dave and Brit who came together and made this adorable family. I love them dearly and only wish they didn’t live on the other side of the world!

JenkinsFam-10 JenkinsFam-20 JenkinsFam-26