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L + P Babywearing | Northern Virginia Motherhood Photographer

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D Family | Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

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I love family sessions like this one.  A few posed portraits but mostly just capturing a family outing filled with giggles and fun.

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Bill + Tom | Alexandria, VA Portrait Photographer

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The morning I met up with Bill and Tom in Old Town was filled with gorgeous light from the sun peaking over the horizon and was also one of the coldest we’ve had this year.  They were total troopers though and as we wandered the deserted streets I couldn’t help but smile every time they interacted whether it was a silly joke or a sweet embrace.  They have such an amazing and enduring love and it’s clear that they are each other’s perfect match.  2013-12-04_0002 2013-12-04_0009 2013-12-04_0008 2013-12-04_0015 2013-12-04_0014 2013-12-04_0006 2013-12-04_0013 2013-12-04_0005 2013-12-04_0010 2013-12-04_0007

Bailey | Alexandria, VA Portrait Photographer

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Bailey’s dad was Rog’s boss and over the years he and his family have become great friends so I was excited when they asked me to shoot senior portraits for Bailey.  We met in Old Town on a chilly Monday afternoon and it couldn’t have been prettier or more fun.  Congrats, Bailey!  Can’t wait see what’s in store for you next year!

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Josh Headshots | Alexandria Portrait Photographer

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Josh is a dear friend who I met through Roger 3.5 years ago.  They were stationed together in the Army and Josh just moved back to the area after getting out of the service and coming back from Korea.  We’ve all done life; we’ve celebrated and mourned together, shared countless drinks and meals, and of course laughter.  Good friends are few and far between and I am thankful to call this guy friend.

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Just for fun he decided to run through the fountain on King St.