What is birth photography?  
A birth session is the story of a new baby coming into the world, from the beginning stages of labor to the new parents spending their first moments together as a family with their newest addition.


Why should I hire a photographer?
First and foremost I believe that your birth partner should be able to focus only on you as your labor.  As much as we plan for our birth there is only so much we can control and I believe having someone there other than your partner, doula, etc. who is solely responsible for capturing your birth and first moments as a family is important.  Secondly, as a professional I have the right equipment to deal with low light situation as well as the understanding of good composition to insure you have the best photos possible.


What is included with a birth session?
The birth session fee includes 24/7 on call time from 38 weeks until your baby is born as well as a gallery of high resolution digital images of your birth story.


Will I meet you before the birth?
Of course!  I want to get to know you as well as chat over your birth plan and other other concerns you may have.  I know firsthand how important it is to know and trust the people coming into your birth space so I want to make sure you are comfortable and I am not a stranger walking in the day of.


I love the idea of having my birth documented but am concerned about privacy.  How do you decide what details to shoot?
The birth of your baby is a time of anticipation and excitement but I realize it is also extremely intimate and private for some.  When we first meet we will go over these details so I have a better understanding of your comfort level.  I will only shoot what you are comfortable with.  We will also discuss what you wish to share.  This is your story and the decision is completely up to you.


How long will you be at my birth?
Generally I try to arrive when active labor starts (4-5 cm.) and will stay until you new little one is settled in, usually 1.5-2 hours after the birth.  However, everyone has different needs so if you’d like me to arrive earlier or later that is something we can discuss when we meet.

Are you able to document C-Sections?
Due to hospital regulations I may or may not be allowed in the OR.  However, I will capture every moment up until you enter and if I am allowed in the OR then great!  If not, I can set up my camera for your partner to use while I wait outside and once everyone is out I will resume documenting your birth story and capture your first moments with your new little one.


I really want to hire a birth photographer but we are on a tight budget.  Do you offer payment plans?
Absolutely!  I believe that every family should have beautiful images documenting their child’s birth but I also understand the costs of having a child can add up.  Please contact me for more details.


When will I get to see all the images from my birth session?
Within the first 24-48 hours I will send you a sneak peek of 3-5 images to share with family and friends.  I guarantee the rest of your gallery within 30 days but try to have it to you within 2 weeks.


Do you offer maternity and newborn sessions?
Yes!  I absolutely love documenting your whole story, from before baby is born to when they come home.


When should I book my birth session?
Because birth is unpredictable I only take a certain number per month.  If you’re interested in having me capture your birth story I recommend booking in your early second trimester.  However, I’ve had clients book both earlier and later, it’s just about doing what is best for you.


I want to book!  How do I do that?
Great!  Send me an email and I will be in touch.  info@meghanhale.com